Palliative Care

Offering a Patient-Centric Approach

At our facilities, our palliative care is focused on the medical, spiritual, and emotional well-being of our patients and their loved ones. When a patient is facing a life-threatening illness, our compassionate team of healthcare professionals—from specially trained nurses to counselors—focus on symptom management and managing anxiety, depression, and other conditions that can encroach on a patient's health. If you want to learn more about our palliative care or pain program, contact us today. Our team is ready to speak to you.

What Our Palliative Care Entails

Our team of palliative care professionals has a tremendous responsibility to our patients and their loved ones. Quality of life for the patient is our utmost concern and we work closely with patients and their families to ensure optimal care and comfort.

Our goals in palliative care include:

  • Pain management
  • Symptom relief
  • Emotional, social, and social support
  • Working closely with loved ones to set treatment goals

Our Palliative Care and Pain Program offers various other services as well, including outpatient visits, consultations, telehealth, and home visits. Our palliative care team will also work closely with our patients' primary doctor to ensure continuity of treatment.

Patients that benefit the most from palliative care include those that have been diagnosed with COPD, Alzheimer's, renal disease, congestive heart failure, cancer and HIV/AIDS. If you would like to learn more about our palliative care capabilities, we're ready to hear from you. Contact us today.

We are ready to assist you and your loved ones at this critical time. Contact us today to learn more.