Transition Resources

The journey from youth to adulthood is a time for celebration but may also have challenges for youth with disabilities or special health needs who may need more time or support when transitioning to adult services. Transition involves transition to adult health care and other areas of life such as education, employment, relationships, insurance, and more.

These resources may be helpful on your transition journey!


Health Care


Eligibility for services

Employment/Employment training

Guardianship/Supported Decision-Making

Daily Living Skills

Day Services

Mental Health



Sexual Health

Substance Use

Support Coordination

Patient Stories

  • "The progress Nikos has made is just incredible."

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  • Trust the process, encourages Rachel. There are days where it’s going to be really hard but it’s worth it. Tell your therapists what’s on your mind – they really care.

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  • They’re so skillful and knowledgeable and have made camp such a fun experience over the years.

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Patient Stories

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