Community Events

The Chinese Medical Program conducts webinars and events to educate the Chinese community about current health issues.


Please click on the links below for recorded informational webinars.


  • 害羞的腎 — The Shy Kidneys (Webinar in Chinese)

    白尿;腎結石;透析. Amazing talk about prevention and treatment of chronic kidney disease; renal hypertension; hematuria; proteinuria; kidney stones and dialysis.

  • 人類健康殺手 — 中風 A Leading Cause of Death — Stroke (Webinar in Chinese)

    May is National Stroke Awareness Month. Stroke is a leading cause of death and serious disability nationwide and around the world. But it doesn’t have to be. Knowing the signs and acting fast can make all the difference. RWJUH Neurosurgeon will tell you everything about strokes.


  • AI and New Technologies of Screening for Heart Disease – (in both English and Chinese)


    Learn about the cutting-edge technology, AI, and new technologies of screening for heart disease. This eye-opening webinar will let you know how the new technologies are transforming cardiac care.


  • Diabetes and You - Living Well with Diabetes - (in Chinese)

    11月糖尿病健康月講座: 血糖和您 — 相伴兩不怨

    November is Diabetes Awareness Month. The Chinese Medical Program is hosting another Health Education Webinar for the Chinese community: “Diabetes and You — Living Well with Diabetes.”

    11月是糖尿病健康月, 華人醫療服務部將在11月17日為華人社區舉辦“血糖和您 — 相伴兩不怨”網絡健康講座, 特邀內分泌科王湘兵醫師和家醫科林偉如醫師共同解答您的問題,主要内容包括與血糖和平相處,COVID-19 和糖尿病,糖尿病新藥。Key topics include: 與血糖和平相處, COVID-19和糖尿病, 糖尿病新藥

  • Prevention Is Better than Treatment (in Chinese)

    Prevention is better than treatment. Do not forget routine screenings during the pandemic. Also learn about the third dose of COVID-19 vaccine, and what the difference is between an "additional vaccine dose" and a "booster dose."
    華人醫療服務部“新疫期間,別忘了預防篩檢”網絡健康講座, 林偉如家庭醫生强調預防甚於治療,也希望大家重視篩檢及各項預防性檢查。講座中她同時分享並回答了很多第三針追加疫苗和補强疫苗的不同,及疫情的最新資訊。
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Webinar: Past, Present and Future (in Chinese)

    Learn about the COVID-19 vaccine and what it means for you and your family: vaccine safety, efficacy and side effects; summer camp, back to school; and domestic and international travel.
    學習並瞭解COVID-19冠狀病毒疫苗的所有相關問題,及其對您和家人的意義: 安全性, 有效性, 副作用; 夏令營, 返校上課; 國內外旅行需知。