Celiac Disease Center

Comprehensive Treatment Options For Celiac Disease in New Jersey

RWJBarnabas Health’s Celiac Disease Centers are dedicated to providing expert-level, comprehensive care for patients suffering from gluten intolerance. Our services include early assessment and diagnosis, personalized treatment plans, education and support to improve health and wellbeing.

Our celiac disease experts are highly trained in nutritional diet building and have extensive experience educating patients on the basics of celiac disease management. They provide patients with numerous resources for managing their condition, such as support groups and assistance creating a high nutrient diet.

Initial Screening & Diagnosis

Your initial screening will be performed by a Registered Dietician. Before any in-depth diagnostic procedures are ordered, we may perform an initial blood screening to confirm that celiac disease is a possible cause of your recent digestive complications. Final confirmation of celiac disease is typically performed through an additional GI procedure.

If you are diagnosed with celiac disease, we will help you prepare for the next steps of treatment and provide your referring physician with recommendations for follow-up care.

Nutrition Counseling & Support Groups

Patients diagnosed with celiac disease will need to make some changes in their diet in order to keep the condition under control. Our nutritional counseling services begin with a one-and-a-half-hour session followed by three follow-up sessions throughout the year. Additional sessions can be scheduled as needed.

Making these changes can be difficult, especially if you’re going it alone. Our celiac disease support groups allow patients to meet up and share their experiences with celiac disease in an open forum. This is great opportunity to learn how others have integrated celiac disease management into their daily lives.

Physician Referral

RWJBarnabas Health is New Jersey’s largest healthcare provider. We can connect you with skilled gastroenterologists who are experienced in treating patients with medical conditions similar to yours. At our Celiac Disease Centers, you can rest assured that you will have access to every resource you need to live a healthy, well-rounded life.