Additional Instructions for Endoscopic Procedures

Preparing for Colonoscopy, Gastroscopy & Other Endoscopic Procedures

Most patients undergoing an endoscopic procedure will receive a sedative and need to take a few extra steps in preparation. Your physician should provide you with instructions on how to prepare. If you’re worried about remembering everything, ask them to write it down for you.

The day before your procedure, if you feel something has happened that will jeopardize your procedure, call your physician immediately, even if it is after office hours. It is extremely important that they are made aware of any factors that could impact or complicate the impending procedure.

Keep the following in mind when preparing for an endoscopic procedure:

  • If you are a diabetic and are having a colonoscopy, please contact your physician for instructions on how much insulin you should take on your bowel preparation day and your procedure day.
  • You can brush your teeth the day of your procedure, but remember not to swallow anything, including water.
  • If your exam is scheduled for the afternoon, your physician may permit a clear liquid breakfast. This might include water, cranberry juice, apple juice, clear broth and tea. Please check with your physician before having any liquids
  • You should plan on remaining at home and resting for 24 hours after the procedure.
  • Most procedures last anywhere between thirty minutes to two hours, but you should expect to spend at least three hours at the hospital or clinic.
  • Someone will need to drive you home afterwards. For safety reasons, we do not permit patients to leave by themselves.

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