Employee Assistance Programs

Proactive Solutions: Employee Assistance Program

Employees often shoulder invisible burdens that threaten their health and well-being and their ability to fully function at work. EAP Services may be added to an employer's Corporate Care program, based on company needs.

Corporate Care clients have 24/7 access to the vast resources of RWJBarnabas Health EAP services which provide human resources staff and managers appropriate consultation on a variety of behavioral concerns which could affect job performance.

One Source Employee Assistance Program Employee Assistance Programs

Our programs provide assessment, referral, and brief counseling to employees and their family members for a wide variety of issues including marital or family problems, substance abuse, stress, anxiety, and depression. An EAP offers employers and employees proactive solutions and options to:

  • Reduce Workplace Violence
  • Reduce Use of Medical and Behavioral Health Benefits
  • Reduce On the Job Accidents
  • Reduce Workers Compensation and Disability Claims
  • Reduce Disciplinary Action
  • Reduce Exposure to Litigation
  • Reduce Turnover and Retraining Costs
  • Provide Mandatory and Non-Mandatory Training
  • Assist Human Resources in Dealing with Employee Problems
  • Improve Employee Morale
  • Better Manage Unexpected Events and Crises
  • Provide Targeted Health and Wellness Training
  • Deliver Confidential Assessment, Brief Treatment, Crisis Intervention/Referrals
  • Deliver Early Intervention and Prevention Training
  • Provide Employees with Resources for Legal, Financial, Child and Elder Issues