Work-Readiness/Fit for Duty

Maintaining employee health and safety is critical to conducting business that's effective and productive. Lost time and loss of employee expertise can be costly, but Corporate Care greatly reduces losses by delivering expert care to sick or injured workers without delay.

Corporate Care physicians assess employee medical needs, design and manage treatment plans, administer care, and monitor and evaluate treatment progress to ensure workers get back to work as soon as they are able. Under the direction of our occupational medicine specialists, thorough care is guaranteed. This includes:

  • Recommending rehabilitation or specialty care, as needed.Work-Readiness
  • Assessing employee readiness to resume usual duties.
  • Modifying job tasks or responsibilities to ensure worker safety.
  • Working with employers to create light- to medium-duty work alternatives.

Corporate Care takes a responsive and proactive approach in caring for your employees, and getting them back to work, helping clients maintain productivity and reduce workers' compensation costs.