Our Board and Staff

Board of Trustees


  • Robert V. Gamba - Chairman
  • Robert Gaccione, Jr. – Vice Chairman


  • Andrea Barbier, DO
  • Mary Ellen Clyne, Ph.D.
  • Salvatore Cocco, Jr.
  • Deborah Del Vecchio
  • Eileen Fishman
  • Robert Gaccione, Esq.
  • Daniel J. Geltrude, CPA
  • Robert E. Gill
  • Joseph Maurillo
  • Celeste A. Oranchak
  • Angela Sicoli
  • Jason Sponzilli
  • Brian Sterling
  • Mei-Mei Tuan
  • Angela Cuozzo-Zarro

Our Staff

Main Telephone Number: (973) 450-2277

Celeste A. Oranchak
Vice President
phone: 973-450-2278
e-mail: Celeste.Oranchak@rwjbh.org

Lori Funicello
Assistant Vice President
phone: (973) 450-2252
e-mail: Lori.Funicello@rwjbh.org

Shannon O'Donnell
Development Associate
phone: (973) 450-2908
e-mail: Shannon.O’Donnell@rwjbh.org

Donna Mattia
Executive Administrative Assistant
phone: (973) 450-2277
e-mail: Donna.Mattia@rwjbh.org

Patient Stories

  • Before my surgeries, it was increasingly more difficult to walk, to exercise, to ski because of the pain. Consequently, the knee replacement surgery was like a miracle to me.

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  • Clara Maass Medical Center has been a part of my family for as long as I can remember.

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  • In late May 2015, Joseph was the first patient to receive the device at an Essex County facility, making CMMC the first hospital in the county to implant the only FDA-approved Heart Failure monitoring device proven to significantly reduce hospital admissio ...

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Patient Stories

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  • Watch Testimonial