Medical Students At Table Discussion

Academic development remains one of the central tenets of internal medicine residency training at Monmouth Medical Center. Starting from day one, clear academic goals are set to attain the corresponding ACGME milestones. The means by which academic development is achieved is through rigorous learning activities that form part of each resident’s daily routine.

Time and again, residents have risen up to the academic challenge of residency. Each year, residents publish case reports and review articles. Research endeavors also form part of the academic requirements of residency. It is expected that by the end of residency, each resident has completed at least one research projects. A lot of residents have gone and presented their projects at the local, regional, state, national and international academic meetings.

academic development

Monmouth Medical Center Internal Medicine Residents who won the ACP New Jersey Doctors' Dilemma 2017 and advanced into the semi-final of the National Doctors' Dilemma at San Diego 2017.